Warlock's Tattoo, Raleigh NC

Shop Information:

Warlock's Tattoos:
5535 Western Blvd., Suite 104
Raleigh, NC 27606

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Tattoo Line: 919-233-1760
Piercing Line: 919-233-9253

Email: Call for appointments, all other questions may be emailed.
Main: warlockstattoo13@gmail.com
Piercer: warlocksbodypiercing@gmail.com

*IF you are looking for an estimate on the tattoo you're looking to get done, we CANNOT price over the phone. Clients need to come into the shop to discuss artwork and pricing in person.*

Hours of Operation:
Monday Noon-9pm
Tuesday Noon-9pm
Wednesday Noon-9pm
Thursday Noon-9pm
Friday Noon-10pm
Saturday Noon-10pm
Sunday Noon-5pm

Note: We take walk-ins up to an hour before posted closing time.